Our “Diamond Quality” Exterior Painting Method

Water-blast to remove dirt, flaking paint, chalk and smog film. Done Skillfully with a powerful water-blaster (not a power washer). We go to “turbo blasting” (a powerful stream that spins rapidly) if your surface can withstand it.

Our Speciality

Exterior of your home painted over all. We paint a prime coat over bare wood and metal, and then two top coats. Our two coats are really two coats, allowing the first coat to fully dry (not “swish-swish” with a spray gun) before applying the second coat. Our second coat begins where other painters are finished

  • Spray bleach for mildew. That’s the area of little black dots, sometimes black splotches, found usually under eaves. Often mistaken for dirt, it is a living fungus and will eat its way back out through the new paint. It’s best to eliminate all of it now.
  • Scrape, wire-brush and sand failing paint. Water-blasting does a marvelous job of finding all the areas of failing paint and removing it. However, the old-fashioned handwork is still necessary.
  • Paper or plastic mask all your windows, fixtures, etc. in the same way that body shops prepare cars for painting. We mask with great care and cover the entire window. We also cover with drop-cloths your plants and walkways, leaving not a single drip or drop where it shouldn’t be.
  • Replace failing window putty after priming. Putty won’t stick for long to an unprimed surface.
  • We use Elastomeric caulk, a super sticky permanent filler that remains flexible. (Beware of silicone-acrylic caulk that says 35 year guarantee on the tube, then shrinks, cracks and pulls away in 2-3 years.)
  • Color mix at your home. Color chits from paint stores are misleading and often result in “ugly surprises”. Chits can serve as a starting point, or show me a house you admire, photos, fabric or anything. I’ll match the color and put a large sample on your wall. After a series of changes, (lighter, darker, shading, and tinting) we will find the perfect color to go with it. This is the only way to be sure — it is fun — and the extra effort is worth it.
  • Top line paints from ICI, Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams, Pittsburg, Dunn Edwards and Fuller O’Brien. These top companies are all great as long as we stick to the top lines.