Interior Painting

We fill holes in drywall, apply new drywall tape when necessary, smooth and apply new texture when needed. We treat all mildew and sand surfaces where needed and fill and sand to smooth holes with Bondo if needed.

Our Speciality

We can sand, prime and repaint doors and cabinets with fine finish spray. Our expertise is in application of hard drying enamel paints for the doors, and kitchen cabinets. Prep work is our key to smooth and durable finishes.

Accoustic ceiling removal: We can remove your old acoustic ceiling, smooth the area and retexture and repaint the areas as needed.

We fully mask and cover all areas before applying paint.

Bathrooms and kitchen areas are checked to see if old paint is oil base paint. Before repainting oil base paint it is important to clean hair spray off walls and doors, and to apply a primer that will adhere to oil base paint.

If we are preparing cabinets in the kitchen or bath we clean and use a power sander to smooth surfaces. It is best to enclose areas with plastic from floor to ceiling to containing sanding dust and paint dust. We apply a coat of primer to guarantee adhesion to the cabinet, and we spray with a fine finish HVLP to minimize dust and to create a smooth car like finish. Multiple coats of finish are required for durability.

Often color consultation is necessary to have satisfaction with interior color schemes. We put paint samples on the walls or on the trim to be sure you are pleased. The best paint schemes employ three or more colors, a ceiling color, a wall color, an accent wall color and a trim color.

Hard drying eggshell is preferable to flat for cleaning and resistance to scuffing in hall ways.

Drywall cracks are filled and taped and textured if the crack is large enough to show a line when filled with spackle or caulk. Drywall texture is sealed before painting.

Two coats of paint are best for coverage and to avoid side sheen differences and color irregularities.