Remodel & Renovation

Want to make your home more beautiful and comfortable – and raise its value at the same time? Remodeling and renovation are for you. Sacramento Painting and Carpentry offers you years of expertise. Our experienced carpenters can handle any renovation project you can imagine!
Not sure exactly what you want to do? We can help.

Through hundreds of projects, we know all of the most requested remodels and renovations in the area. We will be glad to do a walk through of your property and help you plan. Just let us know what your goals are and we will take care of the rest.

Sacramento Painting and Carpentry offers a full suite of remodeling services:

Expand a Room or Add a Bedroom

These days, people are looking for quiet, enclosed spaces for remote work or study. We can help you expand your existing rooms to create space for that home office you have always wanted. Here in Sacramento, many walk-in closets are spacious enough to convert into a small bedroom. That can help you add rental income or prepare your home to enter the market.

Add a Deck

A deck gives you a terrific way to enjoy the natural surroundings of your home. You can get sun in the privacy of your own space. Decking is also a great way to update your yard in preparation for a new pool or make your existing pool even better. Don’t be tempted to DIY it: Sacramento Painting and Carpentry makes the whole process easy for you.

Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel requires expertise in flooring, plumbing, and more. We can renovate your half bathroom into a full bathroom or help you expand a current bathroom into something truly modern and luxurious. Get the tub and tile of your dreams without the hassle: We will guide you through all the options so you have a bathroom that is a true oasis of comfort.

Kitchen Remodel

You spend plenty of time in the kitchen, so why not enjoy it? Whether you are looking for a brand-new open-plan kitchen or you want a stylish kitchen island, we are here to help. The sky is the limit with flooring and counter top options that capture real luxury. With your vision and our renovation expertise, you can get excited about the kitchen again.

New Additions, Family Rooms, and Bonus Rooms

Family rooms are especially popular here on the West Coast. A sun room may be the perfect way to help your home stand out in an upscale neighborhood, too. With an open transition and a wide exterior doorway, you will feel like your new family room has been there all along. Our room upgrades are fully integrated and beautiful – they never look like “add-on.”

Painting and Other Services to Make Your Renovation Perfect

Don’t forget Sacramento Painting and Carpentry offers a full range of services to realize your renovation goals. We can paint your space inside and out, replace windows, and perform carpentry of all kinds. We have the skills to deliver on your Sacramento remodeling from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to ask about what we can do for you!

To find out more or get started, contact Sacramento Painting and Carpentry.